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Catalog Number 076.001
Object Name Cradle, Basket
Collector Mrs. Ruth Gregory
Description Won by Mrs. Ruth Gregory in raffle as part of American Indian festival May 10-11, 1974 at California State University, Chico.

(Heather Martin 6/5/16) This is a baby carrier with a seat and handle. Following Farmer's classification, this cradle is designated as s sit down cradle in the Slipper style, where the toe of the slipper shape creates a seat for the baby (Farmer 2013:20). The warps are made of willow (Salix sp.) and the wefts are made with willow or hazel (Corylus sp.). The seat of the carrier is formed by twining a series of horizontal warps. This portion is plain twined, except for the second to last rows on each end, which are three-strand twined, with an up-to-the-right slant of weft. The back of the carrier is connected by wrapping the vertical warps of the back to the lower-most horizontal warp of the seat. These vertical warps then double over themselves and are secured by the first row of twining on the back. These first rows of twining on the back also incorporate the lower portion of horizontal warps, serving to bend the horizontal warps into the vertical position to form the walls of the carrier. As twining continues, all of the warps that form the seat are bent upward to form the walls. The back and walls of the carrier are done in open plain twining in groups of two rows at the toe, groups of three rows over the body of the carrier, and a group of five rows at the top of the carrier. The final rows of twining are concealed in a coil at the rim that is reinforced with additional willow shoots. The front edge of the basket is finished and reinforced in the same manner, with a coil that incorporates the edge wefts. This front coil extends from the top of the basket and is looped over to join the opposite edge, creating a handle. Under the lashing of each reinforcing rim there appears to be a white nylon string that was possibly used to hold the bundle together while the lashing was done. At the top front edge there is a strand of Olivella sp. shells, red abalone (Haliotis rufescens), and yellow glass beads strung from edge to edge. This strand extends to the outside of the carrier on one side to form two dangles of Olivella and yellow glass beads, each terminating with a large abalone pendant. The interior of the seat has a leather strap attached to the back to secure the baby as well as a netting to form the sitting surface.

This Slipper style baby carrier is typical of those made by Northwestern California cultures, which includes Hupa, Yurok, Karuk. Tolowa, Whilkut, as well as Shasta. (Farmer 2013: 20). This corroborates the information in the object record, which states that basket is Hupa.

Place of Origin Hoopa, California
Provenance Hupa (Accession record)
Northwestern CA style (Heather Martin 6/5/15)
Dimensions W-30 L-59 D-12 cm
Imagefile 004\076001-2.JPG
Caption 076.001 image showing beading detail