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Catalog Number 053.012
Object Name Basket Fragment
Collection Grace Carrigan Collection
Collector Mrs. Grace Carrigan
Description (Heather Martin 3/5/17) This is a bag of basketry fragments. Upon close examination, fragments from a minimum of two different baskets can be identified. The first basket is plain twined with a grass material as both the warp and the weft. The slant of weft is down to the right and the warps at the rim are bent downward and secured with the following weft stitch. There are fragments of red and blue yarn present in some fragments. The second basket is also plain twined, but is made with a peeled shoot warp and conifer root wefts with a bear grass (Xerophyllum tenax) and maiden hair fern (Adiantum sp.) stem single-sided overlay. One fragment has a portion of overlay design in which bear grass and maiden hair fern are alternated to create vertical bands of alternating colors.

Each of the two baskets that are distinguishable from the fragmentary materials match other baskets in the collection with similar accession numbers. The first basket made of grass has identical features to 053.11a, a lidded basket that has been attributed to the Aleut. The second basket has features identical to 053.11b, a basket hat attributed to the cultures of Northwestern California. Both of these baskets have missing portions that are large enough to reasonably assume that the fragments came from these baskets. The fragments that are identifiable have been separated into two bags, with a third bag for indistinguishable pieces.
Material willow, hazel, beargrass, maiden hair fern
Place of Origin Aslask and northwestern California
Provenance Aleut and Northwestern California cultures: Hupa, Yurok, Karuk, Whilkut or Tolowa (Heather Martin 7/11/16)
Imagefile 004\053012-2.JPG
Caption 053.12