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Catalog Number 045.010
Object Name Beater, Seed
Collection Dr. Fred R. Neumann Basketry Collection
Collector Dr. Fred R. Neumann
Description (Heather Martin 6/11/15) This is a small, diagonally twined seed-beater basket. It has a cylindrical handle with a scoop-shaped body. The work face is the exterior of the handle and the concave side of the scoop, the work direction is rightward on the handle but then alternates from left to right on the scoop. Despite the rightward and then alternating work direction, the slant of weft is down to the right throughout. The splices are laid in. The start is at the handle of the basket and is created by twisting the warps together, two at a time, creating a rope-like finish. The warps protrude from the twist in pairs, while the warp ends are clipped, one on the exterior and one on the interior of the cylinder. The basket is then diagonally twined throughout. The warps are a peeled shoot, while the wefts are a combination of split willow (Salix sp.) and split unpeeled redbud (Cercis occidentalis). The entire basket is made with alternating red and buff stitches created by alternating willow and redbud wefts. On the back face of the basket the redbud is twisted so that the bark is facing inward, eliminating the alternating color pattern. The majority of the basket, including the handle, has an up the left diagonal pattern. At the broad end of the scoop, the diagonal design switches direction for a half inch, then changes again to create vertical bands of alternating colors for 2 inches, followed by two rows of all buff, two rows of all red, and then three rows of diagonal patterning to finish. At the finish, some warps are bent to the right, secured under adjacent bent warps, and then clipped while others are clipped at the last weft row. A reinforcing stick is lashed to the rim of the scoop using unpeeled redbud. There are no obvious signs of use.

This seed beater is consistent with Western Mono seed beaters in the shape and materials, especially the abundant use of redbud, which distinguishes the Western Mono from their neighbors (Shanks 2010:106-107). This is consistent with Sue Campbell's (1996) and Mary Wahl's (2001) Mono attributions.

(Mary Wahl 4/19/2001) Mono, made with redbud.

(Paul Russel 3/9/1996) Identified as being Mono (Indian) made from Redbud and Willow by Susan Campbell of Chewyiem Pomo California Native Basket Weaver’s Association.
Material willow, redbud
Place of Origin California, western slope of Sierra Mountains
Provenance Mono (Susan Campbell 3/9/1996)
Mono (Mary Wahl 4/19/2001)
Western Mono (Heather Martin 6/11/15)
Dimensions H-3 W-7 L-10.5 inches
Imagefile 004\045010-2.JPG
Caption 045.010 plan view image of interior of seed beater